James Muffett, Founder and President of Student Statesmanship Institute, and sister organization Citizens for Traditional Values, has been active in Michigan's public arena for over 25 years. Married to Margot since 1979, a father of 5, former pastor, nationally recognized spokesperson for traditional family values in Michigan, statewide organizational leader, and passionate citizen - he brings an experienced view and vibrant vision to Michigan’s cultural landscape.

His perspective on how the Bible, history of our nation, current times, and future tie together inspires everyone, leading them into effective cultural engagement - whether running for office, educating their church or simply enhancing their appreciation of our religious freedom. His motivational speaking inspires and trains leaders for this and the next generation.

James was featured in “With God On Their Side,” a national PBS television special documenting Christian involvement in politics, and has been cited by The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CNN, NPR and CBN.